Why Verify?

Verification is a part of our daily lives. Whether it is verifying your shipping address on Amazon, or answering bank security questions, verification is everywhere. Why is there a need to confirm these daily occurrences, but not as much on verifying candidate resumes?

The job market can be a competitive place. To help get an edge over the competition, candidates may embellish their resumes. Unfortunately this can have negative ramifications on the employer and the candidate. The new employee may not be able to live up to the standards they created for themselves on their resume. The time between rehiring for unqualified staff can cause a domino effect. The remaining team members are left to pick up the slack and have the added task of filling the empty role, leaving the company with a great deal of lost productivity.

As technology has advanced, many aspects of our daily lives have adapted. As a society, we want to feel secure in knowing as much as we can, as fast as we can. More apartment and condo buildings now have video screening, so when someone wants to come to your unit, you can visualize who it is. You know in an instant if you want to let this person through the door, or refuse them entry.

Verification in the job place should be as common place as in all other aspects of life. Following hiring standards should not be a surprise to employers or candidates. From ensuring the building code criteria is met, to meeting the graduation requirements for university, adapting hiring practices that are standard across the board should be encouraged. If employers focus on ensuring resume accuracy, whether it be a skills test, or taking advantage of third party services, less time would be spent filling the same positions over and over. With Empty Cubicle, the time you gain from hiring people with verified resumes can be spent focused on other aspects of the company.