The Future of Hiring

Remember the days of printing numerous copies of your resume and physically dropping it off at the company you sought to work for? It sounds like ancient history, doesn't it? Thankfully, our increasingly digital world has necessitated organizations to adapt and evolve their hiring practices if they want to stay afloat. But forget keeping up with the Joneses. The question now, is how will organizations stay ahead of the hiring curve?

With thousands of open job posts in any major city at a given time, job seekers are often overwhelmed and resort to applying for a higher quantity of jobs. Job platforms make it easy to upload your resume once, and simply click ‘Apply’ on any number of job posts. By doing so, application portals are inundated with poor submissions which hiring managers must sift through on their journey for top talent. According to Inc., the average corporate job opening receives approximately 225 applications, with top roles easily receiving more. Can you imagine being tasked with manually deciphering which candidates are most qualified? Cringeworthy indeed! Not only is the described process extremely time consuming, but suitable candidates are often overlooked by those whose resumes are filled with various inaccurate statements and/or embellishments. Ugh.

This inefficient scenario is prevalent throughout the HR world. The systems employers use for vetting resumes is lagging behind the technology they are using to post available opportunities. Our blood was boiling just thinking of the hours wasted! How could this massive problem that leaves no industry amiss, be resolved? Needed is a platform that allows candidate profiles to speak for themselves – enter Empty Cubicle!

Empty Cubicle is the world's first verified hiring platform and we are both simple and seamless. How do we work? Employers upload a description of the position they are looking to fill and like magic, are provided with the top five verified candidates that match their vacancy criteria. With Empty Cubicle's proprietary machine-learning technology, candidate profiles only surface for jobs they are most qualified for. We pride ourselves on date driven decisions which provides more time to improve organizations employee onboarding, product offerings, operational procedures and company culture.

So, when can we gift you with more time? Join Empty Cubicle in the future of hiring and sign-up today to use the world’s first verified hiring platform.